Pago AG

Pago AG

Pago AG designs, manufactures, and supplies self-adhesive labels for customers in Switzerland and internationally. It offers self-adhesive labels and sleeves, such as decoration, promotional, function, shrink sleeve, multi-page, and leaflet labels; labels for marking and identification; and thermal-transfer ribbons. The company also designs, builds, and installs various labeling machines and systems, such as label applicators, linear systems, and rotary labeling systems, as well as offers labeling software solutions. In addition, its services include design consulting, material analysis, laboratory assessments, adhesive testing and selection, production of samples, and jobbing labeling. The company serves customers in various sectors, such as hair and body care, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, food and beverage, and logistics.

Products & Solutions


Our product portfolio in the division labels ranges from diverse single-layer to multi-layer labels, as well as functional labels and ribbons. In these areas we can address your needs, no matter if you are looking for decoration, promotion, information, function or a combination of these. With our employees of packaging specialists and our experience over decades, we will find a solution to your individual packaging requirements.

For more than half a century Pago stands for technically mature labels and labelling systems. We operate globally and provide our international customers individual solutions, so that their products look even more valuable: From simple and multi-layer labels and booklets to highly specialized functional labels.

  • -   Single-layer Labels
  • -   Multi-layer Labels
  • -   Functional Labels
  • -   Ribbons

Pago has decades of experience, a huge variety of materials, the most up-to-date machinery and motivated and dedicated employees. This qualifies us to respond to all customer needs quickly, flexible and target-oriented.



The portfolio of Pago ranges from all-purpose Pagomat labelling machines to configurable modular linear and rotary systems for all applications, requirements and industries. We provide a versatile range of services to ensure that machines remain operational and have a long service life: from comprehensive advice and validation to training, hotline and remote support as well as international support.

Pago is a world leading supplier of labeling equipment since 1950. Our strength is to correspond to each customer’s needs with long experience and continuous development to support high productivity of customer’s production. 

Pago offers complete range of labelling equipment, including high speed labelling head, labelling head on stand, simple linear machine, high speed linear machine with complex product handing and rotary labelling machine. Facts about Pago: More than 65 years of experience in labelling machines, more than 40,000 Pagomats (labelling heads) and more than 3,000 labelling machines installed in more than 50 countries.


Full Packaging Solution

The product portfolios of Pago and Fuji Seal complement each other perfectly. With Pago and Fuji Seal as a partner, you benefit from the extensive experience and comprehensive advice of a unique system provider of labels and labelling technology as well as sleeves, spouted pouches and application technology.

With a wide portfolio of self-adhesive labels as well as advanced labelling technology, we serve our customers and their specific needs in full range. At Pago, our aim is to supply our customers with products and services that give them complete satisfaction and make an important contribution towards the success of their company. Together with the products of Fuji Seal, our customers benefit from the extensive experience and comprehensive advice of a unique system provider of labels and labelling technology as well as sleeves, spouted pouches and application technology.



Whatever your field of business, our comprehensive management system satisfies the needs of all industries. Take a look at the picture to see which quality standards we can offer you within Pago.


Pago has implemented and certified the following important management systems to be able to comply with the extensive security relevant requirements of our customers:

  • ISO 15378:2015
  • FSSC 22000 Packaging
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certification

We comply with the EU ordinances 1935:2004 respectively with the Swiss consumer goods ordinance. As a base for these ordinances as well as for ISO 15378 and FSSC 22000 Packaging, we have implemented the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to EU ordinance 2023:2006.


“We have borrowed our environment from our children.”

Guided by this slogan, we develop new labels with environment-friendly materials as well as strive for environment-friendly production possibilties and continuously invest in new and up-to-date machinery. With actions such as in the project “large-scale consumer of energy in canton St. Gallen” we have reduced our CO2 consumption in the last 3 years. Additionally, within the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) we have a B ranking.

  • Smeta 4 Pillars
  • Letter of Conformity – Smeta 4 Pillars
  • CO2 reduction
  • FSC Certificate





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Pago AG

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